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While some of the material is more fitting to be described as "cinematic rock" due to the instrumental muzak feel of the songs' structure, this album possesses the punch of a Dream Theater release and the momentum of a King Crimson record.

                  - Riley Rowe, Metal Injection

‘Cast Zenith’ is music that has intelligence and depth, music that takes the listener on an involving journey. This is a great start from this impressive trio and one which promises much for the future, Alizarin are a band that we definitely need to keep an eye on.

                  - Martin Hutchinson, Progradar


Creating songs that can grip the standard listener and help expand their ideas and thoughts on what music should and can be. That’s what makes great prog truly great, and on that note the debut album Cast Zenith is a great album by a fantastic band. 

- Ryan Falla, Metal Assault


There is a lightness, space and confidence on this album, and it certainly doesn’t come across as a self-released debut, but rather from guys who have been around the block. Jazzy prog metal (love the distorted chorded fretless bass on “Anomaly”) which is worth hearing.

                   - Kev Rowland, Progressor


There is plenty of variety on this all-instrumental debut. Alizarin have produced a stunning debut, showing compositional chops and instrumental prowess.

- Stephen Conrad, Progressive Rock Fanatics

 I think fans of instrumental music should definitely check it out soon. 

- Jason Spencer, The PROG Mind 


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