Alizarin is:
Terran Fernandez - Josh Kay - Jon Damon - Avelino Ramirez

Cinematic rock/metal centered around brooding melodies, wrapped in epic compositions.

Born out of the forward-thinking inclinations of guitarist/vocalist Josh Kay, Alizarin is on a mission to explore unconventional rock music. In addition to Kay, the group is made up of Jon Damon on drums, Terran Fernandez on bass guitar, and Avelino Ramirez on keyboard. Alizarin is currently based in Los Angeles, CA and endeavors to create compelling, dramatic music that defies rock expectations.

Alizarin released their first full-length album, titled 'Cast Zenith', in July 2018. The album covers a wide spectrum of sonic landscapes and emphasizes the melodic journey over deliberate technique (though the album does offer plenty of head-imploding technical jargon for the speed fiends). Additionally, keyboardist Adam Holzman (of Steven Wilson and Miles Davis fame) contributed his virtuosic abilities to 'Cast Zenith'.

With their first recording in tow, the band is currently spreading their art around the Southern California area, but a second full-length album is in the works for a 2020 release. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for them on social media and wherever the future of music lives.